Efficacy of a Chlorine Dioxide-Containing Mouthrinse in Oral Malodor

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Efficacy of a Chlorine Dioxide-Containing Mouthrinse in Oral Malodor
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Chlorine Dioxide, Mouthrinse
John Frascella, DMD; Richard D. Gilbert, PhD; Patricia Fernandez, RDH; Judith Hendler, MA, MSW
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March, 2000
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Studies have suggested that when chlorine dioxide is within a mouthrinse, it neutralizes malodorous volatile sulfur compounds in mouth air. This study was to further prove the efficacy of a mouthrinse that contains chlorine dioxide in reducing bad breath. At the conclusion of the study of 31 participants, it was demonstrated that a one-time use of a chlorine dioxide-containing mouthrinse significantly improves mouth odor pleasantness, reduces mouth odor intensity, and reduces volatile sulfur compounds concentrations in mouth air for at least 8 hours after use.

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